Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{read: psychological thriller} Sister by Rosamund Lupton

**spoiler alert**A book club member highly recommended this psychological thriller, but for me it was only OK. About halfway through, I found myself wishing it was over, but I kept reading to find out who the killer was. In a nutshell, the plot is this: After Tess gives birth to a stillborn baby and is murdered, her sister Beatrice refuses to accept the police's verdict of suicide due to postpartum depression and launches her own investigation.

The story is told in a letter from Beatrice to (dead) Tess, and at times it felt awkward. For me, the most jarring point of this plot device was at the end of the book, when we learn that the attorney to whom Beatrice has been telling the story of her investigation was completely fictional and that, in fact, Tess has been drugged by the killer and left to die and has been writing this letter in her head to try to keep herself sane and awake.

I didn't dislike the book, as it kept me guessing about the killer and had some interesting insights about the relationships between sisters and mothers and daughters, and I enjoyed Tess's Polish friend, who ends up being Beatrice's savior.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton (Broadway, 2011)
My rating: 3 stars

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