Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{read: The first year} Some Assembly Required by Anne Lamott

Some Assembly Required is classic Anne Lamott. Her son, Sam, has a son when he's 19. Although she's not quite ready to be a grandmother yet, she embraces the situation as best she can - celebrating one moment and worrying the next. Modeled along the lines of Operating Instructions, which told the story of Sam's first year, Some Assembly Required tells the story of Jax's first year.

One major difference is that this book contains interviews with and emails from Sam to get his perspective on being a dad. While I enjoyed getting his perspective, these sections seemed a tiny bit more formal than the rest of the book - not much, just a hair off. My favorite parts were, of course, the ones from Anne's own point of view, and that's 90-95 percent of the book.

One of the reasons I love Lamott's writing so much is that she's not afraid to let us see her when she's in her neurotic, controlling phases -- and just as importantly, we get to see how she pulls herself out again. Breathe. Show up. Be present. Remember that you are not in charge. These are all lessons I need to be reminded of again and again, and she does so in a way that is entertaining, down to earth, and never preachy. While Bird by Bird remains my favorite, I would definitely recommend this book, especially for fans of Operating Instructions.

Some Assembly Required by Anne Lamott (Riverhead Hardcover, 2012)
My rating: 4 stars

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