Monday, June 6, 2011

{crafts} Rag/Ribbon Flip Flops

Over the weekend a friend had some really cute flip flops on at the beach. They were so creative, and so easy to make. I am totally turning a pair of my flip flops into these fun Rag/Ribbon Flip Flops. They would be perfect for a bride when she was ready to throw of the heals. They would also be fun for a little princess. This could even be a fun rainy day summer project home with the kids.

Here is the how to, according to Get Together Ideas:
Rag/Ribbon Flip Flops
Measure and cut fabric strips/ribbon 1/2" wide by 6 inches long. The length you need will be determined by how long you want the strips to be. Tie a fabric rag strip/ribbon around one of the flip-flop straps. Alternate the direction of the knot on each consecutive fabric rag strip/ribbon. Push the tied knots together and continue to cover the flip-flop--you can cover straps completely or only partially. Keep the knots positioned on top of the flip-flop straps and fluff.

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