Monday, November 21, 2011

{crafts} Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt

I saw a tutorial for a cute Thanksgiving Turkey Shirt on The Crafty Nest. I created one for my son to wear to his school's Thanksgiving Feast:

{DIY Tutorial} Turkey Handprint Shirt

Turkey Handprint Shirt 1Turkey Handprint Shirt 12

Thanksgiving just isn't complete without a handprint turkey. I turned Logan's little hand into a felt turkey and ironed it on to a shirt that he can wear for the turkey eating festivities. The hardest part of this project was getting a 16 month old to sit still long enough to trace his hand. I plan on cutting out the little turkey and framing it, to be used in my Thanksgiving decorating next year. Happy Turkey Day!


Shirt (I found mine on clearance at Target)
Heat-n-Bond No Sew Iron On Adhesive
6 Pieces of Different Colored Felt (large enough to fit a tiny handprint)
Pen or Pencil
1 Piece of Cardstock

Turkey Handprint Shirt 3

Step 1: Trace your little one's handprint on a piece of cardstock. Cut out the handprint.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 4

Step 2: Iron a small piece (big enough for a handprint) of no sew Heat-n-Bond onto the 6 pieces of felt.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 5

Step 3: Trace the entire handprint onto the Heat-n-Bond backing of the piece of felt that you want to use for the turkey's body. I used a brown piece of felt for the body.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 6

Step 4: Trace each finger (except the thumb) onto the Heat-n-Bond backing of 4 different colors of felt. Each finger will get a different color of felt. Cut out the fingers.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 7

Step 5: Cut a wattle (that wobbly red thing on the turkey's neck) out of the remaining piece of felt that you adhered Heat-n-Bond to.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 8

Step 6: Iron the whole handprint onto the shirt. Next, iron on each individual finger and the wattle.

Turkey Handprint Shirt 9
Turkey Handprint Shirt 11

Step 7: Place shirt on child and enjoy your turkey!

Turkey Handprint Shirt 13

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