Monday, April 4, 2011

{craft along} spring greeting cards

With this beautiful spring weather finally here I think it would be nice to send out some friendly greetings. This is a simple way to add some cheer to life.

First take some paint and smear it on a large sheet of paper. If you have a little helper around, like a one year old, this could be a fun way to include them in the project. If not, find your inner child and get creative. This project is fun because the less perfect it is, the better!

After your paint has dried, go ahead and draw some flower shapes in a dark marker. The outlines are fun to see on the final piece so a darker marker works best. Again, these flowers should be abstract and not perfect! Create leaf shapes as well.

Cut out the flowers, leaves and a few small strips that will act as the stems.

Fold a blank sheet of paper into a card, you can use whatever size you would like. I used white paper that had some of my sons markings on it for texture. You could use white paper, a colored paper or a pattern paper. Try different things to see what works best for you.

Use a glue stick to glue the flowers on first. Then add the small stems coming out of the of the flowers. Finally, glue the leaves on to anchor the stems to the bottom of the page.

That is it! You have some simple spring greetings to send out. If you would like a spring greeting sent to you from {th}ink, message us at We would love to send some cheer your way! Happy spring.

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  1. Very cute cards perfect for spring, thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me as well, I'll be following you. :O)

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