Monday, March 14, 2011

{crafts} Inspirational crafting sites

Today we are going to take a break from our craft-a-long and have a look at some inspirational craft sites. These are geared towards kids and they have some wonderful ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There is nothing better than a day spent creatively with a child. It is so fun to watch them create.

Jean Van't Hul has many wonderful ideas on her blog: The Artful Parent
The blog is full of photographs showing her art projects. She does them with her own children, as well as with groups of children. Many of the projects you can accomplish with materials you already have laying around the house.

Monoprinting project on The Artful Parent.

Julie Voigt shares her experience on her blog: Art for Small Hands
This blog is full of projects which are geared towards groups, but if you are looking to do a project with one or two children you can gather inspiration from her lessons. Although some projects require special equipment, like a kiln, there are ideas that can be created with common art materials.

When looking for a craft project, blogs often have a lot of inspirational ideas. Gather your materials and spend a nice afternoon crafting with your little one. It could be messy, but also a lot of fun!

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