Monday, February 28, 2011

{craft along} - Knitting Squares & Inspiration

Lets keep going with our Bright Garter Patches Throw. At this point the squares should be a bit easier to create. I do not have to look back at the videos anymore. If you are just joining us, we are not going at a quick pace, it will be very easy to catch up. Just look back at our first posting to get started: {craft along}. I have created four more squares, still with the same Sweet Pea yarn. I am not too worried about being perfect; I like for my projects to have character. Since this is a first try at knitting it will have character and will not be perfect! Just perfect enough for my one year old who won't notice any mis-stitches.

Here is my progress chart:
I look to Etsy, the most wonderful site for handmade items when I am in need of inspiration. Here is what we are loving with the same Sweet Pea color:

{photograph} : Feul by isis328

{fabric} : Heather Bailey - Pop Garden

{necklace} :Small Round Lime Bubble pendant by manmadedesigns

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